Pictures and Clips from Forbes deployment Nov 2022

Click on any title to view/download.

Pics with numbers in brackets are Bernie's; others are mine.

A couple of things worth a laugh:

(1) At RAAF base Richmond.jpg4.6M
(10) RFS Forbes FCC.jpg4.3M
(11) Forbes main street (1) -- fast flow.jpg6.3M
(12) Forbes main street (2) -- fast flow.jpg3.8M
(13) Forbes main street (3) one day later -- slower flow.jpg3.3M
(14) Forbes main street (4) that same day -- slower flow.jpg3.9M
(15) Baby snake (1).jpg5.7M
(16) Baby snake (2).jpg4.8M
(17) Baby snake (3).jpg3.2M
(2) At RAAF base Richmond.jpg5.0M
(3) Arrived at Parkes airport (1).jpg6.4M
(4) Arrived at Parkes airport (2).jpg4.9M
(5) Overview of Basecamp site.jpg166K
(6) Magnetic strips at Forbes FCC radio room.jpg4.3M
(7) SES predicted flood impact map for Forbes (blue = water).jpg4.9M
(8) View of Basecamp (1).jpg5.7M
(9) View of Basecamp (2).jpg5.0M
01 Newell Hwy nr Billabong Ck Tues pm.jpg2.8M
02 Newell Hwy @ Union St Tues pm.jpg3.1M
03 Newell Hwy W from Union St Tues pm.jpg2.9M
04 Newell Hwy @ Union St Wed am.jpg2.8M
05 The tinny is afloat Wed am.jpg4.1M
06 Johnson St needs a ferry Wed am.jpg1.9M
07 Battye St Wed am.jpg2.0M
08 Battye St Wed am.mp4 13M
09 Youth Centre Wed am.mp46.6M
10 Newell Hwy @ Union St Thurs pm.jpg3.5M
11 Johnson St Thurs pm.jpg1.5M
12 Johnson St ferry wharf Thurs pm.jpg5.0M
13 Ferry arrives Thurs pm.mp4 43M
14 Johnson St ferry terminal Fri am.jpg3.5M
15 Boarding the ferry Fri pm.jpg3.2M
16 Ferry departs Fri pm.mp4 16M
17 Newell Hwy E from railway Fri pm.jpg3.6M
18 Rainwear model.jpg1.8M

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